European forefront of testing equipment for packaging

During transport processes, the palletized loads are exposed to different types of efforts that could affect straight to its content and integrity. All these movements during logistic operations, the vibrations in the vehicle or the accelerations, decelerations and impacts, can damage the product in the road, air, rail or sea transport. And they can cause accidents, in case of breaking the load stability.

So that it can turn into an important mishap on the safety of loads. The target for the companies is to optimize this packaging system in order to not incur in extra costs on packaging to guarantee the safety (up to 30 % of extra costs). Also, companies search to avoid product loses for breaks by under-packaging the goods, which is estimated in a losses on a global scale of 50. 000 million euros per year.

Also, the European Union has put its focus in maintaining the safety of the charges during the transport with the new Directive 2014/47/EU. Among other aspects, it establishes the distortion limits in the packaging of palletized loads during transport and the obligation to the companies to validate the safety of the load. This Directive will oblige all the agents involved during the freight shipping (including the load packagers) to take responsibilities on security matters by 2017.

A previous study that estimates the behavior of the palletized loads during the transport, turns into a key aspect to obtain it.

Safe Load Testing Technologies company has released the innovative equipment, a global solution to reproduce exactly the forces and accelerations experienced by a packing during the transport  and ensure load stability.

This equipment allows a realistic evaluation of the behavior of palletized loads, as its adjustment and validation for the fulfillment of the requisites of the Directive 2014/47/EU. It is the first existing integral solution on the market that includes three types of tests (random vibration, horizontal stability and falls).

Furthermore, is able to reproduce the vertical, horizontal and 3D vibrations, and angular movements with a speed of impact of 4 m/s and up to 1,2g of acceleration.

So, it provides very realistic results to evaluate the behavior of the packaging. In this way, this leads a company to take measures based on real information to optimize and to protect the loads, avoiding extra costs, product losses and accidents.

Also, it is possible to reproduce the tests inside a climatic camera, that allows to simulate the palletized loads in real climatic conditions.

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