After 7 years of technology development we founded in 2016 Safe Load Testing Technologies, a Spin-off from ITENE, the Spanish Technology Center of Packaging, Transport and Logistic. We created Safe Load TT due the urgent need in the transport and logistic market for transport simulation solutions able to comply with the directive 2014/47/EU on safe transport and to help our clients to reduce packaging wastage due to its overuse during transport.

Our equipment, TranSafeLoad, are the first European transport testing machines able to simulate realistically the detrimental effects caused by drops, impacts, multiaxis (3D) vibration, acceleration and compression events on packed goods during transportation.

Furthermore, while current packaging simulation technologies only reproduce uniaxial (1D) vibration (vertical or horizontal) at a time, our technology performs simultaneously multiaxis (3D) vibrations (vertical, pitch & roll) produced by various means of handling and transportation, thanks to its patented technology.

With TranSafeLoad we will lead the optimization costs in a sector with highly competitive pressure, reducing its costs and we will align the logistic policies with the environmental European regulatory D1994/62/CE, increased the goods shipment safety and diminishing the damage losses.

TranSafeLoad: the leading European transport simulation equipment.

Formed by five machines that simulates the effects of:

  • vibration
  • horizontal impact and acceleration,
  • drop movements 
  • compression  on packed goods during transportation
  • Trans Monitor device that will register the quality of European routes as a function of strength and frequency of vibrations during transportation (PSD) in 3 dimensions.

With TranSafeLoad we will lead the market with a European integral solution.  Furthermore, our system cover packaging tests simulation with a broad load range (from small boxes to 2 Ton loads) and reproducing real 3D movements, thanks to its unique patented pitch&roll mechanism.




Work plan

During the project, we will coordinate all the planned tasks and contribute to their accomplishment. In particular, we will lead the works related to the optimization of the machines (WP1 to WP6), their validation, and close suppliers agreements (WP7). Furthermore, we will  be in charge of the dissemination activities and the innovation management ( WP8 to WP10).